"I'm very happy with the permanent make-up Laura did for me. I love the results, and it made my life so much easier. I make a special trip to Florida and see her whenever I need a touch-up."

Hyat Ruh
Acupuncturist - Knoxville, Tennessee

"I've heard of permanent make-up for a long time and was happy to finally have my eyebrows done. After struggling for years to get my eyebrows looking even and the right shade without success ,I am so very happy with the way they look now. Thank you Laura for doing a wonderful job. I will make Advanced Cosmetic Techniques a regular Florida stop whenever I need a touch up!"

Geni Benroth
Computer Specialist - Blufton, Ohio

"Getting my eyes done with permanent make-up has been one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. Laura was extremely professional and her knowledge of facial shapes and colors made the session so worthwhile."

Melissa Hollis
Customer Service - St. Petersburg,FL

"Everyone loves my permanent make-up (eyeliner and lips)! What a difference it has made in my looks, and the time I spend in the bathroom getting ready. I would recommend permanent make-up to anybody."

Anita Young
Technical Support Analyst - Tampa, FL

"Laura enhanced my whole face with permanent make-up. It's such a luxury to wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows, great looking eyes, and rosy lips."

Susan Rotenstein
Home-maker... Tampa, FL

"I don't like to wear conventional make-up, so I had Laura do my eyebrows and eyeliner with permanent make-up. I can't even tell it's there. All I have to do is put on a little lipstick, and I look great. And it looks so natural that nobody can tell I had permanent make-up, they think it's just me."

Alyse Kavanaugh
Nutritional Consultant - Tampa, FL

"I'm very busy all day long, and don't have time to keep applying lipstick. Since I got permanent make-up my lips have color all the time. It doesn't look like lipstick, it looks like my lips are just the prettiest color and well defined. I can wear any color lipstick I want, but if I don't, I look great anyway."

K. Castellano
Business Owner - Tampa, FL

"As a client of Laura Sherwood, I can honestly say her talents and abilities with permanent make-up have changed my lifestyle and certainly my appearance. First I had my eyebrows done, which really changed my life since Laura created eyebrows for me where there were none at all! Then I had the eyeliner and lip procedures as well. I now look like I have naturally attractive features, and no one guesses that it's really permanent make-up."

Adelaide Hildebrand
Faithful Client - Tampa, FL

"I was a little nervous and unsure, but after consulting with Laura, I was completely comfortable with getting permanent make-up. Her knowledge and experience with permanent make-up are obvious, and she makes you feel more like a friend than just another person in a chair. My eyebrows are gorgeous, perfectly shaped, soft, and natural looking."

Ann Dutton
Company Vice-President - Clearwater, FL

"Many people admire my eyes since I had permanent make-up done by Laura. Choosing a permanent make-up artist is as important as choosing a plastic surgeon, since this affects your face. Laura has been doing permanent make-up since 1987, and her work shows that she is a perfectionist."

Jane Beightol
Artist - Tampa, FL

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